The Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU) and the Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) have praised the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD), Joseph Boahen Aidoo, for properly handling matters related to the welfare of the workers of the Board.

The General Secretary of the ICU, Solomon Kotei and General Secretary of GAWU, Edward Kareweh, described Mr. Boahen Aidoo as a great leader.

Mr. Kotei stated that “now we have found a man, whose yes is yes and whose no is no. The beautiful thing about him is that he is forthright. So, we have come to this table to give a lot of hope to the over 8,000 workers that we all represent at this table.”

Mr. Kotei disclosed this during the signing ceremony of a Collective Bargaining Agreement between COCOBOD, ICU and GAWU to usher in a new era of major improvement in the welfare packages of thousands of COCOBOD workers.

The ceremony was held on Wednesday at the Headquarters of COCOBOD in Accra.

The two unions represent over 8,000 workers of COCOBOD.

They have been engaged in negotiations with the current management for some time now.

Mr. Kotei said “the strength of every management and union is when there is mutual agreement.

“And now that today has favoured us; we are coming to sign this agreement. We couldn’t do it without proper acknowledgement for the man in the chair, Joseph Boahen Aidoo who made it all happen,” he stated.

He bemoaned the uncooperative posture of the immediate-past management of COCOBOD on issues related to the welfare of workers, saying “somebody also sat in this chair [as Chief Executive] and this privilege was totally lost for everybody and nobody could ask him why are we not negotiating…and that brought us to that painful moment.”

Mr. Kareweh also stated that there wouldn’t have been negotiation if all parties had not compromised.

He added that Mr. Aidoo made history in seeking the welfare of the workers.

“Our honourable Chief Executive chose to make history in a peaceful manner. We will remember you today and in future for this peaceful exercise done for the sake of the industry and for the sake of our country.”

Mr. Aidoo said the signing of the Collective Bargaining Agreement would strengthen cooperation between management, union and staff of COCOBOD.

“We must continue to strengthen that relationship built over the past two years,” he added.

He called for the deepening of cooperation between the board of COCOBOD, management, unions, workers, farmers and all stakeholders.

He said management is committed to ensuring that the welfare of workers and farmers.

“We are going to do everything within our means to make you happy, as we work together to enhance the image of COCOBOD worldwide,” he added.

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